Nev@ntropic SASis a SME created in 2007 from a partnership between the Research Institute for Development and Spot Image in the framework of the SEAS-GUYANA project initiated by CNES (French National Space Center) and the French Guyana Region. The company, which is based in French Guyana, operates advanced services for environmental monitoring and security developed in cooperation with the public research structures and private partners.

Nev@ntropicis particularly active in the field of:

  • Mapping and urban development;
  • Coastal and maritime environmental monitoring;
  • Monitoring of deforestation;
  • Health and Environment applications;
  • Defence and Security.

Nev@ntropic provides operational services for environmental monitoring on both the regional and local scales: they are based on space / air borne data, in-situ sensors, local environmental data, mathematical models and computer simulation of environmental processes. These advanced information services are designed to be built-up downstream GMES - Kopernikus global information products by registering them in a local and regional coherence. Nev@ntropic positions itself as a privileged partner of public research in the environmental monitoring field by the operational implementation of integrated research and development projects. These Research, Development and Innovation projects are based first on the expression of the end-users requirements integrating its organisational, technological and structural constraints to define patterns of distribution of the information products to enable, for example, the establishment of ascending flows of information. Nev@ntropic also relies on a network of technological and thematic partners to strengthen their position with their traditional users or to assimilate their competence and thematic or technological expertise into integrated and operational environmental information services.


Nev@ntropic will mainly contribute to WP3 in EO data processing for environmental parameters extraction, integrated environmental products generation and their fusion with health data.

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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme. (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 244100 Contact © 2013 EO2HEAVEN Consortium