Cholera outbreak in Haiti

The Artibonite River is suspected as being the source of the cholera outbreak responsible of killing more than 250 people, as of Monday 25th October.

France hit with second chikungunya virus case

Two cases of chikungunya virus have been confirmed in southern French region. Chikungunya is carried by the tiger mosquito, whose range has moved northward in the last few years.

EO2HEAVEN was presented in the seminar ‘Harnessing cooperation between South Africa and the European Commission to advance the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS)’ at the South African – EU Summit

Mr. Kym Watson, Fraunhofer IOSB’s manager and EO2HEAVEN’s Project coordinator, presented an overview of the project to the high level seminar Harnessing cooperation between South Africa and the European Commission to advance the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS)’ at the South African – EU Summit in Brussels on 28/09/2010

Possible link between traffic-related air pollution and childhood asthma

A Dutch study conducted for eight years reveals that higher levels of traffic pollutants (nitrogen dioxide, PM2.5 and soot) are more likely to be recorded at the homes of those children who developed asthma and asthma symptoms.

Malaria is declining despite rising temperatures

A recent research published in Nature magazine shows that the incidence of malaria is decreasing despite rising temperatures. These results conflict with previous studies suggesting that climate change and warmer conditions could facilitate the spread of malaria to currently unaffected areas.

EDEN Project studied the influence of climate and other global changes on infectious diseases

The results obtained by EDEN project (Emerging Diseases in a changing European eNvironment)have been disseminated in several conferences and publications during the last weeks. The results obtained by the project will also be used by global public health agencies including the ECDC, OMS, FAQ and OIE.

President Obama’s Cancer Panel Finds Environmental Risks Neglected

US President’s Cancer Panel recently released a report entitled “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk,” focusing on environmental toxins and their role in causing cancer. The presidential advisory group concluded that widespread exposure to environmental pollutants is an underappreciated cause of cancer that is inflicting "grievous harm" on citizens. According to the President Obama’s Cancer Panel, government agencies have not adequately addressed these threats.

5 June, World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) is commemorated on 5 June since 1972 stimulating awareness of the environment and enhancing political attention and public action.

New US tool to assess cumulative health risk of multiple chemicals

New research in the US has reported on developments assessing the cumulative human health risk caused by multiple toxic substances. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is creating a tool that will provide maps and other information to depict exposure data and risks at both a national and a local level.

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