Stakeholder workshop on Earth Observation and Environmental Modelling for the Mitigation of Health Risks in Kampala, Uganda, 22 May 2012

EO2HEAVEN organized a workshop on environmental modeling in Uganda on the 22nd of May 2012 to better understand how the project’s results could be of benefit to Ugandan stakeholders

Cholera outbreak in Uganda

A total of 729 cases and 28 deaths were reported from six districts (situation as of 31 March, 2012)

EO2HEAVEN newsletter: Issue #2 – March 2012

The newsletter provides an overview of the ongoing activities, results and future plans within the project. It aims to promote the transfer and awareness of the project’s results to the environment and health communities.

EO2HEAVEN's public deliverables become available

EO2HEAVEN’s public deliverables belonging to the period Feb 2010 – Jan 2012 have become available.

Researchers produce a Land Surface Temperature based model for the spread of tiger mosquito in Europe

Researchers have developed a model in north-eastern Italy for predicting the spread of tiger mosquito based on land surface temperature maps, which can be applied across most of Europe. Wild populations of tiger mosquitoes have been found to carry human viruses including dengue fever and West Nile virus

EO2HEAVEN participates in GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot 4 (AIP-4)

EO2HEAVEN will contribute to AIP-4 providing access to Earth Observation and health data sets used in the project through OGC specified Web Services.

EO2HEAVEN's Advisory Board workshop in Enschede 22-24 November 2011

EO2HEAVEN will hold their next technical and management committees' meetings together with the second Advisory Board (AB) workshop in Enschede (Netherlands) on the 22nd – 24th November.

EO2HEAVEN newsletter: Issue #1 – August 2011

EO2HEAVEN has released the first issue of the project newsletter. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide an overview of the ongoing activities, results and future plans.

Controversial pollution situation in Madrid

In a context of general concern about high levels of pollution, the responsible of the Environment department of the Local Gobernment in Madrid declares that the level of air pollution is not dangerous for the health of the citizens

Potential malaria outbreak in Germany by 2080


According to a new research, the climate change could bring malaria closer to Germany. Some areas could suffer the spread of the disease for up to six months a year by 2080.

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